Public Art and Gardens

Sweat and Tears
"Sweat and Tears" 2011.

mirror, glass tile, glass nuggets.
Approx 120cm height.
As a guest artist, I made Sweat and Tears for the Art at the Edge Public Art Project.
The project was to celebrate the 2012 Olympics, and raise funds for causes that support disadvantaged young people
The sculpture was exhibited in Chandos Garden, Westgate Buildings, Bath, until 9th September 2012 as part of the Art at the Edge sculpture trail.
You can find out more about the sculpture and how I made it by reading the progress reports on my blog here
The sculpture is still available, if you are interested in buying it, please email me
Odile - The Black Swan
"Odile - The Black Swan" 2012
Glass tile, built onto a premade fibreglass swan.
Odile was gracing Wells Market Square as part of the Swans of Wells public art project.
Odile was sold at auction to raise money for the project charities in September 2012.
"Zillion" 2010
Glass tile, stained glass built onto a premade fibreglass lion.
I made "Zillion" for the Lions of Bath Public art project in 2010. After prowling the streets of Kingsmead Square in Bath for the summer of 2010, Zillion was sold at auction to raise funds for the project charities.
You can see all the Zillion videos here on my website, and sold mosaics based on his patterns in my online shop.
Prince Ropork
"Prince Ropork" 2009
Ceramic and glass tile built onto a pre-made fibreglass pig.
Prince Ropork was made for the "King Bladud's Pigs" Public Art Project in Bath. He was wallowing about at "The Circus" (not a real circus!) in Bath for the summer and then sold at auction in the autumn.
Worminster Dragon Mosaic
"Worminster Dragon Mosaic" 2001
Handmade ceramic tile, ceramic and glass tile
Approx 2m x 3m
A community project made with 6 schools and community groups commissioned by the Three Villages Dragon Project.
The mosaic is situated along Moat Walk, near the Bishops Palace, Wells.
Wookey Hole Inn Mosaics
Wookey Hole Inn 2005
Stained glass and ceramic, plastic toys
My students helped to make the patio and mosaic on the seating wall. The ladies were made by artist Francony Kowalski.
"Garden Patio (with concrete and terracotta sculptural border) " 2004
Recycled floor tile, copper tile, quarry tile, pebbles, stained glass.
Approx 3 metres long
If you would like a patio made for you please email me